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The STALIN also protects you while you sleep

Restful sleep is a basic requirement for health, well-being and performance. Scientists are still arguing to what extent radio waves, radiation and electrosmog harm us, as there are no long-term studies to date. You can quickly see that the smartphone next to the bed makes our sleep more restless when you put it a little further away this time. This is also an important issue for young people who are less resilient and unconcentrated due to disturbed sleep.

It is therefore advisable to generally keep the radiation exposure as low as possible. It is not enough to deactivate the connections, because cell phones and smartphones have small spare batteries and can therefore still send data after the battery has been switched off or removed.

The radiation from radio connections is electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are very high-energy and short-wave radiation. The best known of these are X-rays and UV radiation.

UV radiation is known to cause skin cancer and many soldiers who had to work with radar equipment and were therefore exposed to X-rays got cancer. Even the Bundeswehr now recognizes many of these cases as an occupational disease. These indications suggest that electromagnetic radiation is not to be trifled with.

Therefore: prevention is the best protection

Griffbereit auf dem Nachttisch und trotzdem sicher!

Der STALIN funktioniert ähnlich wie die Verwendung einer Bleischürze beim Röntgen – eine „Bleitasche“ für Ihr Smartphone:

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Ein mehrschichtig abschirmendes Spezial-Vlies und ein dreifach magnetisches Verschlusssystems blockieren im geschlossenen Zustand der Tasche alle Verbindungen und Signale nach außen. Ihre Weckfunktion ist aber trotzdem gewährleistet.

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Dreilagiges Spezial-Vlies

Die Schutzhülle besteht aus dicht gewebtem und stark metallisiertem Polyamid-Gewebe zur großflächigen Abschirmung hochfrequenter und elektromagnetischer Strahlung (HF) und niederfrequenter elektrischer Wechselfelder (NF) und blockiert alle Verbindungen (GPRS, W-LAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NFR, etc.).

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