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The STALIN protects your car against Keyless-Go theft!

The STALIN also aids the protective measures of your Keyless-Go system. These systems offer thieves the perfect security flaw, since the radio waves of these keys can be easily extended and cars can be opened and started with hardly any effort at all.

This system has simplified so many things that you’re often unaware of the danger: Keys in your bag, at home or when you’re on vacation – or even the spare keys hanging on the key holder at home – are often the target of thieves and crooks.

Radio waves have no chance with the STALIN!

A multilayer shielding fibrous web and a triple magnetic locking system block all external connections and signals when the bag is closed.

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STALIN protection against phone tapping, radiation or tracking also prevents area scans from detecting mobile devices; an important safeguard against Keyless-Go car theft, since the radio waves of Keyless-Go keys are jammed.

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Three-layer special fibrous web

The protective case is made out of a densely woven and strongly metallized polyamide weave for extensive shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF) and low-frequency alternating electrical fields (LF). It blocks all connections (GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NFR and more). We’d be happy to advise you.

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