Tested and certified by engineer Professor Peter Pauli for high-frequency, microwave and radar technology at the Bundeswehr University Munich.

Test result

If the smartphone is placed in the bug-proof bag and the latter is left open, the measured level decreased to -35 dBm.

Once the bag was properly shut and the magnetic button locking system was closed, no signal could be measured during the test configuration.

Despite the “base station” sending out the strongest signal, it is no longer possible to make contact with the mobile phone from the outside world. As a result, no data can be read from the outside anymore.

verified - Certificate


During the testing of “THE STALIN” mobile phone bag, shielding attenuation values ranging between 85 dB and 90 dB were measured with just the single-layer shielding foil. The material’s shielding effect is clearly recognizable here and the bag is thus suited for the following:

  • GSM1800 systems
    (at 1800 MHz)
  • UMTS (at 2100 MHz)
  • Upper LTE frequencies
    (at 2600 MHz)

As a result, the bug-proof bag is therefore suitable for fourth- generation mobile devices. Credit card data and passport data or Keyless-Go car keys therefore cannot be read.

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